Kaif Sends Out A Clear Message For Trolls Who Called Playing Chess Haraam


We reported to you how former Indian cricketer Mohammad Kaif became a victim of Facebook trolls who criticised him for playing ‘chess’ and called it haraam.


It’s sad to see how some people take offence to anything or everything and how they are on social media just for the sake of hatred and trolling. But Kaif may not be the real soft target to hit and his comeback proved that trolls were doing a big mistake by targeting him.

After the incident, Mohammad Kaif tweeted-


And now once again he has given a befitting reply to all trollers-

When u are playing a sport,its one of d best ways to break barriers of caste, creed,religion.Wish everyone plays more.

Kaif’s statement read-

“Chess is a wonderful game. Passing on your learnings is not a crime, especially of a game which has been India’s own invention and followed from centuries. Chess has taught me spontaneity, presence of mind and strategize at an early age. It has made me come out winner in many situations on the field and in life,”

Kaif was even backed by a Muslim cleric from Delhi, Sajid Rashidi. He made a point that people who are accusing Kaif of being ‘un-Islamic’ are wrong as there is nothing wrong in playing chess as long as gambling isn’t involved.

Well, that’s exactly what even we explained in our previous post.

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