Watch: Islamabad Airport Constable thrashes Woman and Daughter, FIA Suspends her

Watch: Islamabad Airport Constable thrashes Woman and Daughter, FIA Suspends her



A new video of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) officials beating up two women at Benazir Bhutto International Airport has surfaced on social media.

A video which previously went viral, showed passengers and FIA officials fighting with each other. However, in the recent video, a woman can be seen being physically assaulted by female staffers of the FIA’s immigration department at Islamabad airport.

Not one out of the bystanders intervened or tried to stop the brutality going on right in front of them.

According to FIA sources, the FIA officials in the video have been identified. In the video, an FIA inspector could be seen witnessing the incident while another female constable could also be seen nearby.

DG FIA has said strict action would be taken against the FIA official if found guilty.

The FIR filed by FIA earlier did not mention anything about the beating of passengers, though the incident took place in front of everyone.

The scuffle reportedly broke out over the issue of ‘missing toilet papers’ at the airport.

However, according to a statement issued by FIA on April 15, the passengers misbehaved with the FIA official at the immigration counter, Noshila Bibi.

The statement read three women of a family, Fouzia Omer, Fatima Omer and Haseena Begum went to the immigration counter where Noshila Bibi was performing her duty. It added that the passengers asked her why there were no toilet papers in the restrooms to which Noshila Bibi said she was not responsible to keep a tab on sanitary supplies at the airport.

As per the FIA, although Noshila Bibi had answered politely, the passengers responded by using abusive language for the official as well as Pakistan. The statement also read they tried to slap the officer when the shift incharge, Nadeem Akhtar, intervened to diffuse tension and took Noshila Bibi to the departure lounge.

“[However] Fouzia and Haseena continued with their rash behaviour and followed the counter official.”    

The document stated that other immigration staff members rescued Noshila Bibi from the passengers. “The passengers left, threatening to murder/kidnap the female counter official.”

Although the Airport Security Force personnel on duty were requested to stop the passengers from leaving the briefing area, none of them heeded the request of the immigration staff.

The preliminary enquiry report issued on the same by FIA Additional Director Pervaiz Khan Umrani stated he visited the airport and also watched the CCTV footage. He confirmed the passengers misbehaved with Noshila Bibi as her face bore cuts.

When asked, Khalid Khan, father of Fouzia told Geo News he did not want to pursue the issue again.

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