Chrome OS Dev Channel Gets Night Light Mode


After Google added the Night Light mode for Android, it’s all set to offer the same feature for the Chrome OS as well. The Night Light feature is currently live for the Chrome OS dev channel and will most likely make it to the stable build as well. The feature was discovered by a Reddit user, and with the Night Light, users can tint their displays so that the harmful blue light is removed.


Thankfully, the feature will come with a setting wherein it can be turned on/off during certain times. Chromebook users can set the display to enter the Night mode during nightfall and go back to the normal mode in the day. Apart from the timing, Chrome OS will also let users adjust the amount of tint.

The user interface for the Night Light is pretty simple. The top slider is for color temperature, and the timeline below can be used to schedule the Night Light according to the Sunrise/Sunset timings of the region in question. In order to get this new feature one needs to switch their Chromebook to the Dev channel. In order to do this head over to Chromebook Settings> Hamburger menu icon> About Chrome OS> Detailed Build information> Change Channel. The Chrome OS will update, and the changes will apply after a reboot.

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I have been personally using the Night Shift on my MacOS, and the changes have been noticeable. The irritation in the eye due to the prolonged usage is reduced, and so is the overall fatigue. The blue light being emitted from our smartphone screen is often blamed for disrupting sleep cycles and also shift the circadian cycle. Apps like f.lux have also been gaining popularity since it helps block the blue light. All of these apps offer scheduling functions just so that you don’t have to manually toggle it on/off.


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