This Ad Shows Lord Ganesha Eating Meat! Everyone Is Angry & Wants Ban On This Ad


Anything on religion has a capability of creating controversy. Every religion has its own set of beliefs and going against them might hurt sentiments of people.

We can’t term a religion “Good” or “Bad”; respecting the faith of people is our primary responsibility. However, some creators of media campaigns fail to understand this.

Well, a recent Australian ad has sparked a lot of controversy and has made the Hindus furious for showing Ganesha eating meat. Yes, this is an ad campaign for MLA i.e. Meat and Livestock and is considered to be the biggest campaign there.

In this ad, religious leaders and Gods of different religions are sitting together and eating lamb. Obviously, Ganpati eating lamb has not gone down well with Hindus. The ones shown in the ad are Ron Hubbard, Obi Wan Kenobi from Star Wars, Zeus, Lord Buddha, Aphrodite, Moses, Jesus Christ and Ganesha.

The Hindus in Australia have been deeply hurt over this. The makers are being slammed for lacking sensitivity and showing lords at the barbecue.

Here’s that ad,

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Click here to watch the ad directly on YouTube.

Hindu community in Australia wants a ban on this ad. Nitin Vashisht, the spokseman of Hindu community has said that the ad lacks ethics and should be withdrawn.

On the other hand, the marketing manager Andrew Howie clarified and said, “We know that lamb has been the meat that brings everyone together for decades, and what better way to celebrate the product than over a modern spring barbecue.”

The Advertising Standards Bureau has received around 30 complaints so far. Let’s see what action is taken. Meanwhile check some Twitter reactions…

Ban it!

Shocking way!


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