We Almost Got A Final Fantasy XV VR Racing Game


To this point, Ultimate Fantasy XV has had a rocky relationship with VR. Sq. Enix announced a VR add-on for the sport in 2016, and even allowed show attendees to play a VR demo that put the participant within the happy-go-lucky sneakers of Prompto, the lackadaisical comedian aid of FFXV’s boy-band quartet wherein gamers shot on the iconic Ultimate Fantasy enemy, the Behemoth. Sq. Enix fell silent on PSVR assist till E3 this yr, the place they unveiled the Final Fantasy XV VR fishing experience, Monsters of the Deep. Then, only final month, they announced that the Prompto-Behemoth themed experience was just a tech demo which fans will never play.

It seems the trail from taking pictures to fishing was even rockier than we knew. Talking to Fandom, director Hajime Tabata stated that the staff thought-about a number of different choices for FFXV’s virtual reality content material, however that all of them would have taken too lengthy.

“The Prompto VR shooter that we created last year at E3, that was done about the span of three weeks,” Tabata advised Fandom, “It’s like a showcase for the VR technology and platform. But we knew that if we wanted to make a full-fledged VR game based on battle mechanics of Final Fantasy XV, it will probably take at least two years just to do that…We thought, ‘Okay. Let’s leverage the world of Final Fantasy XV that we created and create an immersive experience around that.’ Therefore, we arrived at fishing as the main gameplay began. ”

When discussing different potentialities, Tabata talked about racing, “One such idea was like a massive car rally across the world of Eos, but when we started looking into that, that would probably take as long, if not longer, than creating a VR game based on the battle mechanics.”

Manufacturing time has been a significant concern for Sq. Enix over the past decade. Ultimate Fantasy XV itself was announced in 2006 underneath the title Ultimate Fantasy Versus XIII, and only got here out final yr. If the corporate felt it will take too lengthy to make these experiences, they’re in all probability proper.

However we nonetheless like the concept of cruising and racing round Eos in VR with our bros.

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