Indian Boy Marries Afghan Girl In A Wedding Which Cost Just 11 Rupees


We Indians are a fan of plush and lavish weddings where everyone can dance, drink and eat to the largest extent. But no one can deny the beauty of a simple and intimate wedding. One of the best reason it doesn’t give you a bad after taste.

A big wedding may or may not keep the guests satisfied, but a small will not cause depression or hypertension to the families involved in all the arrangements.


An Indian boy and Afghani girl set an example recently by getting married in the simplest arrangements possible. You would’be surprised to know but yes, the cost of the wedding was just Rs 11.

Nabizada Fareesta from Kabul and Zahid Ali from Nabha (Punjab) met each other two months ago during her trip in Punjab. The meeting led to the friendship which later turned into love.

However, Nabizada was worried about her family. She was not sure if her family will agree to her idea of marrying an Indian boy.


But the love always finds a way. Without thinking too much, she wrote them a letter asking for their permission. To her surprise, they said yes.

On 9 September, the love birds got married with Rs 11 which was given to a cleric who presided over their wedding. No other expense was involved at all.

Zahid’s happy father Devkhan was quoted as saying by Daily Bhaskar-

“He gave a message of unity to the society.”

He added-

“We are happy that our son got married in a simple manner. I hope that just as the relationship between the two countries will strengthen just as the love between my son and his wife.”


Isn’t it inspiring?

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