Top Irresistible Flipkart Big Billion Day Deals You Must not Miss


Top Flipkart Big Billion Day Deals

Flipkart Big Billion Days are finally here. It’s literally that time of the year when the e-commerce portal will force you towards bankruptcy by offering mouthwatering deals. And it’s not just Flipkart. Amazon, Snapdeal, Paytm mall are all a part of the bandwagon.


While there’s no doubt that some deals on offer are really irresistible, but some are not that great. Rather they are being offered at a price that you can easily get at any time of year. Flipkart, Amazon and all other e-commerce portals depend on impulse buyers to make money during these sale days. So it’s upon you to decide whether you really want to be a clever buyer or an impulsive one. To help ease things out for you, we have listed down some top deals which you must not miss. With that said, opt for one only if you need it. No point buying a product just because it’s at an ultra-low price. Enough of philosophy, time to get started with the real deal. Pun intended!

It’s worth letting you know some pre-requisites. Over and above the discounted price, Flipkart is offering a 10% discount to SBI cardholders during the sale days. Basically, all SBI cardholders who shop on the e-commerce website using their debit cards are eligible for an extra 10% discount capped at Rs 1,500 when they shop for at least Rs 4,500.

11 Irresistible Flipkart Big Billion Day Deals – 20 September

1. Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2

The Mi Air Purifier 2 is one of the highly sought after non-smartphone product from Xiaomi. It has been a hot seller for the company even since its launch in the country. The Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 is not only efficient in purifying the surrounding air but is also capable of being controlled using a smartphone. Currently, it is being offered at a darn cheap price of just Rs 7,649. For the uninitiated, Xiaomi rarely offers its products at such a heavy discount.

MRP: Rs 12,999

Flipkart Discount Price: Rs 8,499

SBI Card Price: Rs 7,649

2. Mitashi 1 Ton 5 Star Split AC

Mitashi may not be as popular as Carrier, Hitachi or Daikin in the market, but they make some really good AC; especially when the price they sell for is taken into consideration. Without any doubt, they make better ACs than Micromax, Sansui, Kenstar, etc. Unlike the offering from those brands, the Mitashi 1 Ton 5 Star Split AC comes with a Copper condenser. This is generally found in costlier heavy-duty air conditioners from O’General, Carrier, Hitachi, and others. Furthermore, they have better cooler capacity and improved workability during any sort of condenser damage. At Rs 17,499 it is by far the cheapest 1 Ton 5 Start AC one can buy in the market.

MRP: Rs 25,990

Flipkart Discount Price: Rs 18,999

SBI Card Price: Rs 17,499

3. Carrier Ester Cyclojet 1.2 Ton 5 Star Split AC

This is a slightly costlier air conditioners suitable for those who have a higher budget and want to settle only for a trusted brand. Carrier ACs generally cost upwards of Rs 29,000, and it’s really hard to get good discounts on them. And this air conditioner is one of the recent flagship products from the company. It uses a new cylindrical external unit unlike the boxy ones found in standard air conditioners. Carrier claims that it helps improves the cooling capacity of its ACs.

MRP: Rs 41,700

Flipkart Discount Price: Rs 28,499

SBI Card Price: Rs 26,999

4. Hitachi 1 Ton 5 Star Split AC

As mentioned above Hitachi is yet another popular brand in the air conditioner market. This 1 Ton, 5 Star AC from the Japanese company, is being offered at an excellent price. Apparently, this exact model is exclusive to Flipkart, and it’s hard to get a similar offer from any other similarly specced Hitachi AC at your nearest offline retail stores. The Hitachi air-conditioner comes with a copper condenser.

MRP: Rs 36,699

Flipkart Discount Price: Rs 27,499

SBI Card Price: Rs 25,999

5. VU 43-inch Full HD LED TV

In a very short span of time, VU has grown on to become a reputable name in the Indian TV market. Using top-notch panels sourced from Samsung, the TV maker has succeeded in heavily undercutting its Korean and Japanese rivals in terms of price. This VU 43 inch Full HD TV is yet another example of the same. You can hardly get a deal as good as this.

MRP: Rs 32,500

Flipkart Discount Price: Rs 22,999

SBI Card Price: Rs 21,499

6. VU 32-inch HD Ready LED TV

While this isn’t really ground breaking and we have seen a similar pricing for this TV at last years Big Billion Days, but still it offers a very good value for your money. For Rs 10,799 the TV offers an HD (1,366 x 768p) LED panel with excellent color reproduction, the standard set of ports and more or less well built exteriors.

MRP: Rs 15,999

Flipkart Discount Price: Rs 11,999

SBI Card Price: Rs 10,799

7. VU 39-inch Full HD LED TV

This is for those who want a TV bigger than 32 inch, but can’t afford the 43 inch VU model. The VU 39 inch Full HD TV cost Rs 3,000 less than its bigger sibling. And if budget is a really big concern then we would surge ask you to opt for this one. Most of you won’t be able to notice the 4-inch difference in the panel size unless you compare them side by side.

MRP: Rs 26,500

Flipkart Discount Price: Rs 19,999

SBI Card Price: Rs 18,499

8. Panasonic 24-inch HD Ready LED TV

It is by far the cheapest TV in this list. And also the smallest too. For those on ultra-tight budget, the 24 inch Panasonic HD Ready LED TV is the best option. It comes at just Rs 9,499 which is nearly the same as the 24 inch HD Ready VU model.

MRP: Rs 16,990

Flipkart Discount Price: Rs 10,499

SBI Card Price: Rs 9,449

9. Dr Morepan BP-One Monitor

This is aimed at those who are on the lookout for an ultra-cheap BP monitor for occasional use. Dr. Morepan may not be a reputed name among medical professionals, but it would surely suit your personal needs. It cost just Rs 699. You can buy it at an even lower price of Rs 629 if you buy something else along with it that get the total cart value up to Rs 4,500.

MRP: Rs 3,299

Flipkart Discount Price: Rs 699

SBI Card Price: Rs 629

10. Livpure PEP Pro Plus Water Purifier

At Rs 8,099 the Livpure PEP Pro Plus water purifier provides excellent value for money. It undercuts similarly specced offering from Kent and Aqua guard by a big margin.

MRP: Rs 15,499

Flipkart Discount Price: Rs 8,999

SBI Card Price: Rs 8,099

11. Venus Lyra RD 15 Liters Geyser

In an era of gadgets, everyone would like their home appliance to be slightly smart if not completely. The Venus Lyra RD, 15 liters geyser, is aimed specifically at those consumers. It comes with a digital display that lets you set a desired temperature, alarms, reminders, auto-turn off and much more. It cost a lot more than standard storage geysers but its surely selling at a much lower price on Flipkart than in the offline market.

MRP: Rs 11,850

Flipkart Discount Price: Rs 9,700

SBI Card Price: Rs 8,730

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