Samson G-Track Pro is a $150 Professional USB Microphone for Bloggers, Podcasters and Singers


I personally love YouTube and Podcasts for the quality of the content. If you are a YouTuber or plan on starting out with your own podcasts the Samson G-Track may be the thing just for you. The quality of the YouTube or Podcast content not only depends on the quality of the content but also the quality of the audio. I have skipped through several YouTube channels for noisy background and audio noise.



The Samson G-Track is a professional grade microphone that is priced affordably as opposed to its competition. The mic should suit any type of audio/video content creation. The company claims that the G-Track Pro is also suited for singers and songwriters since they can capture both vocal and instruments by using a single device. The mic can then be directly connected to a digital workstation and the recording can be started without much of a set up to do.



The Samson G-Track comes equipped with a standard 1/4-inch instrument input for recording guitar, bass, keyboard and other line-level devices. Furthermore, the 1/8 stereo headphone output is touted to produce zero-latency monitoring with support for mix controls. The mute button seems to be mighty useful for podcasters and others who use the mic for going live.

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This is what Samson had to say about the G-Track Pro, “With the G-Track Pro, singer/songwriters can quickly capture vocal and instrument performances simultaneously with one device. Users can simply connect the mic via the included USB cable (no driver installation required) to a digital audio workstation software and begin recording immediately. The G-Track Pro features a standard 1/4-inch instrument input for recording guitar, bass, keyboard and other line-level devices. The 1/8-inch stereo headphone output provides zero-latency monitoring complete with advanced monitoring mix controls. It also features a Mute button that silences the input signals when needed, ideal for podcasters and gamers.”

Samson G-Track Pro Specifications

  • Dual 1-inch condenser capsules
  • Cardioid, bidirectional and omnidirectional pickup patterns
  • Flat frequency range of 50Hz-20Hz
  • Simultaneous Record Mic and Instrument input
  • 1/4-inch instrument input for connecting line level devices
  • Compatible with most of the digital audio workstations

The Samson G-Track is currently available at $150 on BestBuy.


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