The Saber is an 86Wh Powerbank which can Charge Your Laptop Twice


Powerbanks have already become mainstream and I, like many other people out there, cannot imagine my life without one of these. Smartphone, tablets and even portable hotspots are chargeable with the powerbanks. In fact, I have been using a men’s grooming kit that comes with a micro USB slot and the lithium batteries can be charged via a powerbank. Despite all the usefulness, the powerbanks have not really made their mark when it comes to laptops.


Yes, laptops more than often need expensive inverters for portable charging. All of this is going to change with the new commercial battery that has been jointly developed by former executives from Tesla, Amazon and Faraday Future. The new powerbank is called the Saber and in the center of it lies a 2.2-pound ultra-portable lithium-ion battery that is rated to supply 86 watt-hours of power (roughly translating to 23,000mAh.) This makes the Saber powerbank capable of charging your regular laptop twice and can charge a phone by ten times.


That apart, the Saber powerbank should also be perfect for handling charging needs for DSLR, Drones or any other portable electric equipment. The preorder has already started and the Saber Brick can be had for $199. However, post the preorder period, the same will cost $299 and will be available starting from November.


Romeo Power, the company behind Saber battery, is looking forward to receiving an IP67 rating and they claim that the Saber battery brick is very stable. In order to score on the intuitive front, the Saber battery brick comes with Bluetooth, and the users can check how much juice is left via the companion app.

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Interestingly the company has decided against the use of vents and other intakes and instead completely rely on material science and thermal management. However, if things indeed take an ugly turn, the Saber Powerbank comes with two hardware gates that will prevent it from overheating. The best part is that the power brick is TSA approved which means that you can carry it on flights without much of an issue.


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