LifePrint Adds a New Lease of Life to Boring Photo Prints


Photo Printing still lives on despite the advent of digital cameras and smartphone cameras. We have already seen a bunch of portable photo printers that allow users to print in a jiffy but the LifePrint begs to differ. LifePrint blends in the Augmented Reality with the good old physical printing and the result seems to be impressive.


Thanks to the LifePrint’s Augmented Reality HyperPhoto technology users can point their camera at the printed photo and view the video behind the picture. In some ways, the AR printed photos are pretty much similar to the GIF files or the Live Photos with the only exception being the length of the video. Apparently Life Print is looking at adding values to the small prints.



The LifePrint printer is pretty compact and the size can be compared to an iPhone 7. The sleek design should ensure that the LifePrint can be accommodated in small bags. In a nutshell, the LifePrint apparently scores big on portability since it is smaller than the traditional Polaroid printers and also adds an additional layer of functionality. That apart, one can also share the photos with their friends and family and print the photos remotely.

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The LifePrint is also capable of printing videos, animation GIF’s, Apple Live Photos without the need to convert the format of the photos. Furthermore, the app also offers easy printing from Instagram, Facebook and other social media streams. The best part, however, is that unlike other pocket photo printers the PrintLife doesn’t require Ink/Film. Yes, the LifePrint works on ZINK Technology with special photo paper which will pull the color straight from the film without the need for separate Ink.

Moving on, the portable printer is capable of printing 10-15 photos for every charge cycle and the film capacity stands at 10 prints. The average printing time for a photo is 15 seconds and the battery can be charged in one hour. The LifePrint is currently available on Amazon at $116.99 with the option for worldwide shipping.


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