The Remo+ DoorCam is a Clip On Security Camera that You Can Tag Along


We have seen plenty of wireless smart security cameras that promise to safeguard your house while offering intuitive features for remote surveillance of the property. Smart Security Cameras like Canary Flex and Blink have been in the forefront when it comes to the domestic surveillance system. These cameras aim at offering an effortless and efficient way to set up a security system. Today let’s take a look at Remo+ DoorCam, a security camera that you can tag along wherever you go.


The Remo+ DoorCam makers claim that their camera is the world’s first and the only wire-free over the door device with built-in motion sensor. Well, the claims apart the Remo+ DoorCam seems to be indigenously designed with no mounting required. The battery operated door cam hangs on the top of your door and will enable two-way communication with the visitors. I was personally awed with the simplistic design and the way it can be placed on any door without the need to drill holes or use adhesive.


This kind of a camera will ideally score well on the utilitarian front, especially since most of the tenants are barred from drilling holes to their doors or making any sort of modifications to the apartments. The best part, however, is that one can simply carry the camera to all the places they visit including hotels and holiday homes. The makers of the Remo+ claim that the three D-cell batteries will last for up to 12-months and we don’t see why this is not possible especially since the Blink Home Security camera already offers up to 3 years of battery backup.

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On the storage front the Remo+ stores all of the videos on its cloud servers for a period of 30 days. As of now, the Remo+ will be offered with a cloud subscription plan, and the recordings will be stored by using the WiFi in your house. In the meanwhile, the Remo+ DoorCam also seems to solve a major pain point for wireless camera’s, poor connectivity. Since the WiFi module in the DoorCam still hangs on the inside of the door, the WiFi connectivity is unhindered. To top that the makers of DoorCam are also offering a free replacement in case the security camera is stolen!

The apparent downsides include a missing feature to record the videos locally and a mandatory subscription to the cloud services. The Remo+ DoorCam can be had for $199, and at this price range we do have quite a lot of other options, but none seem to match the design ingenuity of the DoorCam.


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