10 Fashion Resolutions Every Girl Should Make In 2018


There is a really good reason why this blog wasn’t published on 1st of January… Oh well! Not really. We procrastinated a bit. But, it’s true that by this time most of our resolutions have petered out to just a few that we can keep up with. So, it’s a good time to make up for them with fashion resolutions that you can ease into your daily routine seamlessly. Right? So, here you go, pick the ones that will help you enhance your personal style the most.

1. Invest In Key Essentials

We know it might seem like a no-brainer, but we still can’t stress how important having key essentials in your wardrobe are. A white shirt, denim jeans that fit you right, a pair of tailored trousers, a tank top, comfy flats and stylish heels, to name a few, are elements that make a good OOTD. Having them handy is always a good thing, so, if you don’t own any one of these essentials in your closet, this year might be the time to stock up.

2. Try One New Trend

Not the outlandish ones, of course. But, it’s always fun to play around with a new trend, isn’t it? Something that is a bit out of your comfort zone but super stylish. You never know, you might become the trailblazer people follow on and offline *winks*.

3. Plan Your Outfit The Night Before

In the social media world where OOTDs are trending and our Instagram is focused on a theme, it becomes a necessity to plan your outfits. But, even if that’s not true for you, planning your ensemble a night prior just sets your day off on a good note. It’s one less thing to not look into if you have a busy morning schedule.

4. Clean Out Your Closet

We feel you if you too have an issue with letting go of things. Get the ideas like ‘I might wear this top for…’ or ‘This trend is gonna come back for sure’ out of your head. Instead, plan on donating and recycling your clothes. The perks are you’ll make room for new trends and new clothes. Now, this takes us to the next resolution.

5. Pledge To Stay Organised

We are not only talking about an organised closet here but also organised shopping. Of course, a well-maintained wardrobe is so easy to navigate and will also help you achieve resolution No. 3.

Whereas, while shopping you can make a must-have list (with all the items you need in your closet) and a wishlist (with items you want to try out or something you really desire). Now, according to your budget, you can easily plan out your shopping spree.

6. Invest Wisely

Well, we aren’t talking about taxes (though it’s time to look into that as well). Here, we are talking about the items that you can’t do without on day-to-day basis. Yes, we are talking about the utilitarian as well as stylish details of our outfits. A good, sturdy leather bag, a nice jacket, a watch, a good pair of regular shoes; all of these are something you wouldn’t want to hold back the bucks on.

7. Buy Lingerie That Makes You Feel Sexy

Go splurge for yourself with sexy lingerie. There is no rule book on wearing lacy bras only for someone special. Also, good undergarments create a good base for outfits. So, why not make it worth your while with some good ones to pamper yourself.

8. Find A Reliable Tailor

A well-fitted garment does wonders for your silhouette. A tailor you can trust will do that for you. But, finding a reliable one is a task. Don’t jump from one tailor to another at the first go. Experiment with a few silhouettes and then make your decision. When you find the one, never let go!

9. Avoid Fast Fashion

Most of us don’t really know what fast fashion is, but we are the major consumers of it. Fast fashion is when brands immediately adopt runway trends and produce them for the masses. It is quickly hampering not only the natural resources but also human resources on a larger scale. So, one of our resolutions is to not heavily depend on fast fashion brands.

10. Develop Your Personal Style

Trying to figure out which peg you fit in? Well, experiment and try developing your personal style. Understand what you are comfortable with and observe what flatters you the most. Slowly and steadily, you’ll be on the right track.

Which one of these are you going to add to your resolutions for the year? Let us know in the comments below.

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